June 11, 2012

LOOK3: Day 3 - Finals, report card

LOOK3 photographer, Camille Seaman tells her story of how she decided one day to go and discover a truth for herself and it turned into a project that inspires dialogue concerning global warming even today. Her elegant photographs of the Arctic and Antarctic are poetic and beautiful. The fact that she was a theatre major enhanced the delivery of her opening monologue that contained no photographs.

Yesterday wrapped up the last day of the Festival of the Photograph it was an exhilarating week of "peace, love, and photography".

The city of Charlottesville was a wonderful host for the gathering of photographers, artists, and shutterbugs. The morning started off with a seminar by Julieanne Kost. She spoke the whole time about features of the new CS6 Photoshop program.

I think people will be impressed with the new way it processes in the background and the video editing aspect seems like a stop-gap for those who want something on the web fast, since it handles h.264 natively. The knee-jerk feature that stood out right away was the new way to crop. Instead of drawing crop marks and moving the crop around you can now move the image to get a better idea of what the final crop will look like.

From the world of Fine Art, an installation project by Cause Collective entitled "In search of the truth", sought to find out what people thought of the truth. An interactive project, subjects went into the inflatable quote bubble and used an interactive screen to record their message of truth.

Hank, I met outside the greatest Tapas restaurant in the United States, who works refrigeration/HVAC in Charlottesville and coincidentally installed the projector equipment at the Friday and Saturday showing of emerging photographer work in the Downtown Pavilion.

During the trip we really ate like kings. There are too many places to mention on the mall in the historic downtown area. Saturday was the best day of noshing by far. For Lunch we went to Bizou a small French themed spot right off the trolley stop on Main Street.

For dinner we had the best meal of the trip. Mas Tapas in the Belmont area was worth the 30 minute wait for the table.

The empanadas, shrimp, magaritas, and Queso con mermelada, made with brioche and apricot preserves, was unbelievable. We didn't get to try the Datil con tocino (bacon covered dates), but there is always next time.

  • A+

    The Donna Ferrato interview. Her honesty and dedication to finding a story and telling it, in some cases at all costs was inspiring. Donna's SITE.

  • A+

    Food in Charlottesville. Gelato, Hamburgers, Waffles, Tapas, its all good.

  • D-

    Monticello admission. $48 for a look into 5 rooms in Mr. Jefferson's franco-phylic lifestyle. The gardens were impressive though. If you GO.

  • B+

    Lodging. We stayed in the dorms to save a few bucks, but next time we'll probably just pony up for the private bathroom and better mattress situation. LODGING INFO

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