August 14, 2012

To Grandmother's house we go...

We drove past the Milwaukee Art Museum and Engine 1 of the MFD was parked out front. I thought it was kinda cool.

Wisconsin, the state shaped like a mitt, where the 2012 Republican candidate for president's name is Mitt just chose his running mate a Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, from a town in Wisconsin just 20 minutes outside where we stayed during a recent visit. That is the best 6 degrees of separation I could get.

Grandma Delores, left, and Cheryl (D's mom) walk through the pumpkin patch talking about times when her family owned much of the surrounding land.

Maybe my favorite part of the trip was picking grapes in Danielle's grandmothers garden. Her son has a roadside fruit and vegatable stand where he sells corn and pumkins, along with other wares. The grapes reminded me of a time when I was young when and would pick grapes from my grandmothers house.

We went up to visit Danielle's grandma, aunts, uncles, and 9 months ago her cousin welcomed a baby into the world. Much doting has already been showered her way but I was grateful to take a few photos of her for the wall.

Kasia definately has the "baby doll" look going for her. She is so sweet and just laughs all the time.

While on the visit we went to Lake Geneva, Wisc., which we thought was fun since last summer we visited Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The spring-fed lake was very clear and along the shoreline were houses owned by the Chicago elite.

Lake Geneva Switzerland, left, as seen from the vineyards of Lavaux and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin playground of the Chicago elite. Pretty much the same place except one had the backdrop of breathtaking views in the form of the Swiss Alps, whereas the other had the backdrop of breathtaking price tags in the form of Mansions.

When we breezed into town we stopped by Danielle's aunt Debbies and stayed overnight. She didn't have many things blooming in her gardens but I found a few things waning.

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