April 1, 2012

Tale of Two Cities: Cats Illustrated - 2012 NCAA Men's College Basketball Coverage from Lexington and New Orleans

Saturday: Lexington

Mayhem in the Street.

UK fans ignite furniture in the streets of Lexington in celebration of their Final Four victory over Louisville.

Pandemonium! Following the win against in-state rival UL, the streets ran blue. Amid the; screaming, slinging,stumbling, swearing, there we were desperately trying to make photos that were readable and ones that showed the magnitude of what was unfolding.

After we left a car was turned over and set ablaze! We thought we'd seen the worst of it. Cal was right, these fans are crazy.

Saturday: New Orleans - CatsIllustrated

UK vs. UL: Game Action

Friday: Lexington - CatsIllustrated

Lexington prepares for the 2012 Final Four Game against Louisville on Saturday. A felled tree from a spring storm was partially removed to the chagrin of the tenants.

Less than a week ago the burning desire of Wildcat fans was more than evident on streets surrounding the largest land grant university in the state. Scores of revelers made a zombie-like frenzy around flaming furniture, in a rite of passage that has boggled local columnists all week.

Today we obtained a spot on the roof of a local business to watch the mayhem unfold in a famous intersection, given the Cats pull off the win against arch rival Cardinals. I toured the streets today looking for school spirit and am anxious to watch them live up to the hype in front of millions tomorrow.

Major Robinson of Harrodsburg secures a decorated sheet on his State Street abode. The message professed that, the head of the - Ugandan guerilla group - Lord's Resistence Army, Joseph Kony is a Cardinal fan.

Friday: New Orleans - CatsIllustrated


Thursday: New Orleans - CatsIllustrated

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Photo by Derek Poore | CatsIllustrated

Stories filed Thursday by the staff.

Sunday: Lexington - CatsIllustrated

Students living on the streets surrounding UK's campus love to do two things. Drink and burn - this activity was evident Sunday after UK defeated Baylor, 82-70 to earn a spot in this years' Final Four.

Students swarmed the streets chanting C-A-T-S and anxiously waiting for the first piece of furniture to be offered up as sacrifice to the basketball gods.

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