May 7, 2012

Kentucky Derby 138: Starting Gait to Starting Gate

This year marks my 7th Kentucky Derby. My assignment during the week was per usual covering the morning workouts, but the Derby itself marked a new assignment for me. I was to install a remote control camera in the starting gate to photograph the horses as they left the gate.

My first Derby I helped a friend make this happen but didn't really pay close attention to the details. Now I was on the hook for doing it correct and was a little nervous about an error but everything went according to plan.

I even scored a 8-15mm lens from Canon Professional Services and made a perfect circle photo of the start which was a first for the publication I was working for.

Next year I look forward to continuing my education in remote control photography.

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1 comment:

Gan Ting said...

Beautiful as usual! #11 was my favorite. I would envy your talent, but....ain't nobody got time for that!