September 16, 2008

High ISO, High Shutter Speed, High Frame rate, OH My!

The generous folks at Canon, the guys who know if they loan this stuff you will rob a bank to pay for a kit, sent me some stuff to play with.

I have a Mark III and a 300 2.8 IS for about a week. Friday I used them for the prep football game "du jour". The remarkable thing about these cameras other than how easy they are to use and how manageable they are to carry and focus, well you get my point. It is amazing to see how far technology has advanced in just a few years. When I send the kit back my shooting with Mark I cameras will resume. My friend David calls them "grandpa's cameras" and it is funny they are just 5 or so years old.

Except for the first image which was made with a Canon 5D on a monopod with a 17-40 F4, the images below were shot with a Mark III, 300mm 2.8 IS lens, specs; 2.8 @ 1/500th ISO 3200.

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