September 14, 2008

Exploring downtown Courtland

An assignment last Wednesday brought me to the downtown of Courtland, Ala. It has a sleepy town feel as my colleague put it. I am not sure if it is sleepy because of some nostalgic air or if it is because there is not a whole lot going on.

Leroy Terry smokes out in front of a Pool Hall. Aside from the Pool Hall and a couple of antique shops there is not too much commerce taking place in Courtland.

The train is an important feature of the town. Approximately every 20 minutes a train whizzes through.

There were some guys in a pool hall shooting the bull and I stopped in to chat for a while.

This store featured furniture reconditioned then distressed by an artisan.

When the store owner bought this building she kept the giant Santa for directional purposes. She said it would be easier to get people to the shop by using it as a landmark.

Rails that served as the entrance to, a now abandoned building, show signs of age.

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