July 17, 2008

Litter in the Forest

My gracious sister Jennifer decided it would be cool to make photos of her dress in a place that would drive my mother crazy. So on a recent visit we went into the Bankhead Forest and made beautiful photos near and in on and around a waterfall. This first one is my favorite and the last is hers. I personally thought it was a cool way to wreck up, $1500 dollars, worth of wedding dress.

Jennifer with her veil. The white balance was set to 3000K
to give the blue mood and I used a CTO gelled softbox at camera right.

My other sister Jackie helped prep Jennifer and aided me in making the photos
if it weren't for her I would not have been able to pull it off.

This one was her favorite. I like it but the mood in the first one is what appeals to me.


THE J Mo said...

Very good stuff Jonathan. I especially like how the waterfalls came through in the first and last shots. Great lighting balance that gives the shots a nice "feel".

Ed said...

your lighting always blows me away. are you still using SB26's?

Brad said...

Palmer. Awesome job. Love the lighting. Your sister is beautiful, so that helped out your photos. Best of luck to her.

You need to post more often, DHB.