July 3, 2008

Found Flags

I am proud to be an American and appreciate what others have put on the line to allow me to live in with the security that I have but, on a day where many drink alcohol and ignite explosives, we need to remember what gives us the chance to partake in such tomfoolery. The sacrifices made by our forefathers will be in my mind on our nations birthday.

Calvary Assembly hosted their yearly patriotic event at their new campus off AL-20 Sunday, June 29, 2008. Dog show organizer Anna Hamaker heads to the stage for the dog show.

Huntsville International Airport hosted the Airshow 2008. The aeronautical aerobatics performed wowed crowds in upwards of 8,000. The Blue Angels were the big attraction soaring over crowds at more than 300 miles per hour.

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Brad said...

I just checked your multimedia page. I was sad to see the human train did not make the cut.