August 24, 2008


The Daily is a paper that takes its Football seriously. Over the course of three or four weeks in August we travel about 500 miles to make photos of about 20 schools. Usually the job consists of making pictures of the practice and a portrait of the player chose for the theme of the special section we publish.This year for the jobs that came my way I wanted to make the portraits look different than the ones I have made the past couple years. I wanted to include a color from the school in the background of the photos. For some gels were used others colored backgrounds were lit and some changing the background by using various kelvin temperatures.

A blue gelled strobe gave the dynamic for this portrait made in Brewer.

A yellow gel gave the gold color for the Golden Eagles representative.

Tanner's Corey Ham needed a green gel to add kick to the background.

Josh Busby poses in the weight room at Decatur High.
The red gel gave a little extra to the scene.

The color for the background for this photo was made applying a fluorescent gel to the strobe at camera left, and setting the camera to tungsten balance.

The lockers at Priceville High are yellow so it was just a matter of putting the right amount of light to bring out the color.

The above slideshow contains my favorite photos from each practice I covered.

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Anonymous said...

Bro these pics are great1 I love how you added the background colors it really adds to the portraits! You're the best
mo love