June 30, 2008

Supporting Local Businesses

The other day I was assigned a ribbon cutting at a truck stop near the interstate. It was a typical ribbon cutting ceremony, local politicians came to have their photographs made, no big deal. As I was leaving my gas gauge indicated to me that it was thirsty. So, did I fill up at the corporate run shop?

No, I decided instead to drive a few miles west to a local guy I had photographed the previous year for a story about how the new shop, I had just left, would effect his business. I pulled up to the pump and gladly paid the 5 cents more per gallon. I felt justified knowing my purchase was supporting a local businessmen, and a finger up to the "corporate man". But when I went in to wet my whistle I almost crumbled like a cookie. They charged me 50 cents because I didn't spend over ten dollars.

It seems like if a local guy was wanting my business he could at least make himself more attractive by being accommodating to an end where I don't feel like I am taking pity by patronizing a local shop. I am not sure if I will return?

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Brad said...

What a load of