December 12, 2007

Time of Day Series

A tree stands bare leaved off U.S. 31 near Decatur, Ala.

During college my Art Studio professor made us complete these crazy assignments all the time. It seemed at times she was just doing it to make us have busy work because traditionally Art students have gotten the bad rap of being lazy. That said one assignment that has helped me in my landscape photography has been "the time of day" series that she made us do. I find it beneficial to make photographs of landscapes at different points during the day or at least notice how the light is hitting a certain feature based on where the sun is in the sky. Most things need late day sun or early morning glow, but sometimes this changes. So thank you Ruth for making me shoot 10 rolls of chrome so that I could have 1 frame I really wanted.


THE J Mo said...

Is this the tree we shot with the haystacks earlier this year?

Photography Maxim said...

It as a matter of fact is the tree you made a cool image of earlier this year.