December 19, 2007

Guys and Dolls

On a recent trip home for thanksgiving I find myself in my mother's kitchen preparing side dishes for the feast. I am now 29 married to the most amazing woman on the planet but like a lot of people have stuff at their mother's. Really it is just a few boxes with stuff from college mostly books which is really the reason for this post. I was rummaging through some boxes looking for a book I wanted to read and came across two yearbooks from middle school. To give some back story a few years ago I ran into a guy that I was in middle school with and he told me that a girl we went to school with was a famous singer in a band. When he told me I was not really that surprised when we were in school she was very talented. I even remember her being sweet and inviting me to a party with a bunch of people that didn't know me but I went anyway because of my middle school crush syndrome (as you will see). More to the point I was curious if this person had written in my yearbook. So I get the 7th grade year out and flip the pages looking for a salutation but all I find are hearts drawn around the various crush syndrome victims and of course she was one of them. See image below. I like the Kid & Play afro at top right.

Having no salutation from 7th grade it was on to my senior year in middle school to see if in a last ditch effort my unrequited crush was returned. Paydirt, I found on the openning page what for me then was probably as sacred as the dead sea scrolls. She wrote to me and told me not to forget her when she was famous. Well Nicole I still remember you but I am sure fame has taken you places where it is easy to forget all the nerds like me that liked you in middle school.

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