December 3, 2007

Climbing Shoes and Visions of Sqauwking Waterfowl Dancing in my Head.

On Saturday my friend Jonathan allowed me to tag along while he went to Nashville, Tenn., to photograph some friends rock-climbing. I was trying to photograph the thrill seekers from an interesting vantage point, so they basically hoisted me up on the cliff until my arms had so much lactic acid in them I could barely move. When this position was fixed, or so we thought, another climber ascended. When he was just in the perfect position for me to make my photographs they were made without hesitation. What happened next was to be the highlight of the day for most of the crew below. In the conquest to make the best image of Jared while he was climbing, I had to position myself so that I could frame, focus and make the photograph. Once he had passed the point of me making a photograph that didn’t make him look like a giant and the rest of the world ants, I was just hanging on for dear life. The moment that had everyone in stitches was when upon hearing me yell “Blue Heron!” because I had heard one squawking behind me, I lost my footing and almost crashed into Jared. Luckily the six people who were holding me in place belayed me down. To see this account from another perspective visit Jonathan Moral’s Blog it is priceless.

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