December 22, 2007

Annie Leibovitz Imitation

A friend recently told me that imitation was the greatest form of flattery. If true Annie Leibovitz will be flattered to know that her images are being imitated in Decatur , Ala. I have been told that the gaze of the subject is tantamount when making portraits. Leibovitz accomplishes this very successfully. Be it her childhood that included a parent that was in the military, giving her a sense of command on a photo shoot or her raw talent, she captures the little something extra that makes her portraiture stand out in a crowd. David Hobby over at Strobist has made a post about a video made before the Queen came to the United States for a visit. The other day while on assignment a couple that was celebrating their 51st Wedding Anniversary needed to have their portrait made. After arriving at their home and making an image where they suggested we went to a room adjacent to the foyer. It was decorated in a way that reminded me of the Queen's Palace. I asked the lady of the house to set on the settee and the husband to stand at her side. In realizing it was no Buckingham Palace in full royal regalia it made me happy to see a photograph that was an inspiration and to bring to make it my own.

You Tube Video of Annie and the Queen

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