February 25, 2012

Surprise Engagement takes the cake!

Mandy is getting married! Her fiance Matt has been working in Mexico for the past month and was wanting to do something unique for the proposal. He had "Will You" put on a cupcake and planned on just walking in the door and finishing the phrase.

Their usual Skype meeting was interrupted by Matt knocking at the door with a box of chocolates and a box with a ring in it. Mandy thought Matt would be working in Mexico for the next two weeks but, he was hidden away down in Nate and Sara's laundry room, skyping from there.

Mandy and Sara were supposedly headed to a wine tasting so while they got ready Matt kept attempting to Skype with Mandy but she was not interested at first. We had to coax her along. Of course by the time Matt came in with the ring Danielle and Sara are weeping, Nate is pacing like a storm is coming, and the dogs are sniffing the chocolate box wondering if there is a way they could get to the chocolate.

Matt took a knee and delivered a very thoughtful proposal. It seemed to go very well up until Matt had put the ring on her finger but hadn't ask if Mandy would marry him. Danielle exclaimed, "You have to ask her if she'll marry you!", but Matt was as cool as the other side of the pillow -- finishing his profession, and she said, Yes!

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mandy button said...

Awwww JP---way to capture the moment! I love this! :) thank you so much for being there and putting together this exciting memory so wonderfully! :) you are the best