May 22, 2008

A Testament of Faith

Penny Parker, left, saved her father's life by applying pressure to his leg until the EMS arrived.

Looking down at a pool of blood Clyde King lay in a tilled garden with his life on the line. The largest bone in his body had been severed after a seventy-four inch tiller blade chewed through fabric and flesh leaving him at the mercy of fate and his faith. When the accident happened his daughter Penny Parker heard him groan and went to help him. Initially what saved him was the pressure she applied to the wound that was causing him to loose blood, the next savior was his prayers to God. What happened next was more of a medical miracle than random chance. King's stay at Huntsville Hospital was ten days. Doctors said it would be eight weeks before he could leave. The wait time for a new prosthetic was two years, he received his in two months. Now using a cane he gets around the way he did before still using the tractor tiller that changed his life.

Clyde B. King, right, lost his leg after a 74 inch tractor tiller reversed over him at his Hatton home.


David Higginbotham Photography said...

My favorite quote from the story was

"'I whirled, grabbed the tractor tire, and tried pulling myself out,” he said. “I knew I was dying. I asked God for help rather than forgiveness. I didn’t have time to ask for both.'"

Good photos!

Janet said...

Beautiful site, Jonathan.