May 21, 2008

26th Annual Limestone Sheriff's Rodeo

This year at the Limestone Sheriff's rodeo two amazing things happened. One someone took my advice, and two because they took my advice I was able to make images that would have otherwise been nearly impossible. Paul Cain the IT director for the Sheriff bought strobes to light up the contestants. By doing this, when the Sheriff was knocked off the chute by a raging bull I was able to make a four frame sequence of the event. Paul was gracious enough to let me use the strobes and it made for an interesting sequence. Thankfully the injuries suffered were minor.

Daniel Poole of Emele, Ala., rides a bull on Slack night.

Craig Hardaway, left, and Katie Pace take in the sites at the Rodeo.

Pro Rodeo Bullfighter Vern Reynolds of Central, South Carolina.


Anonymous said...

What kind of strobes did you use?? We have several rodeos out here in Idaho . They look fun.


Photography Maxim said...

The strobes used were White Lightning 800's two of them. They had the sports reflectors on them. Triggered with pocket wizards.