March 22, 2008

The parameters of patience

Today I had a conversation with a man who agreed with me that as you get older sayings that had no meaning to you as a youngster now mean something. For example, I have been told that patience with respect to photography pays dividends and at times I am skeptical of this, but not today.

About six or so months ago I was covering a storytelling festival in Athens when I happened upon the First Presbyterian Church (it is where the storytellers were staying in-between sessions). They had already left for another engagement but as we were leaving I noticed a potential composition in the breezeway leaving the church. I pondered the light and the subject matter and made a mental note to return and try to make a photograph.
That day was today, my wonderful wife helped me by holding a light parallel to the bricks above the archway so there would be some textured separation instead of so much pitch black. I made photos and we waited for old cars to come by and complete the composition. Fifteen minutes into the shoot I noticed the reflection in the door I was bracing myself against and made a couple of frames. Luckily a red Firebird drove by just in time. Today patience paid off for me tomorrow I will watch time fly.

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