March 19, 2008

The Decatur Daily Official Baby Photographer | Me?

We run a special section every year where somebody votes for the cutest baby and we display them in the paper and give the kiddos trophies. The features editor and I collaborated to make a few photos that will enhance the look of the section (see above). Below are a few photos from a shoot I did for the advertising department that was for the same section. So to summarize in the last week I have been in the presence of something like 40 children under the age of 5 years of age. I am looking forward to going to Kentucky in a few weeks and seeing my only niece who will probably not remember me and scream and cry when I see her but at least there will be no pressure for me to photograph her, and if you believe that I can give you a good deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I almost forgot about the end of last week when I had the chance to photograph a girl who had a undersea room. She was a baby, of course!

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