March 6, 2007

All I Learned at Strobist

This image is nothing real special but it does have significance. It represents the culmination of what can be learned on another blog, called Strobist. A terrific photographer from The Baltimore Sun, David Hobby, has divulged his secrets on off camera battery powered strobes. The above image demonstrates techniques learned there. Using a softbox to be the main light at camera left and poping a geled strobe through a fake plastic tree to make the background a little more interesting. Finally, filling in the shadows on the ladies and paraphernalia a 43" inch Westcott Umbrella at camera right. Not real great moment or posessing any journalistic quality whatsoever but more sophisticated than an on camera flash @ f8.

Camera Specs: Canon 1D, f6.3 @ 1/80th ISO 200
Strobes @ 1/4 power

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