September 30, 2012

Sarah & Casey - Sep. 29, 2012, Louisville Wedding

Sarah and Casey are a great couple. They are very sweet people and seem to care for their family which made their wedding this past Saturday a delight to photograph. A big thanks goes out to Hobie Hiler who helped me shoot the wedding.

The ceremony took place at the picturesque St. Francis in the Fields in Prospect, Ky., and reception in the historic The Henry Clay.

Sarah, left, waits with her father Mark to process down the isle in the rehearsal on Friday night. I like this frame because of the look of anticipation on Sarah's face and the pride on her father's.

Casey, right, holds up a Kitchen Aid appliance at the couple's double shower in August.

This Saturday I realized I have been spoiled shooting my last few weddings. They have all had the ceremony and reception at the same location or very close by. This was not really the case this weekend.

We started the day at Profiles Salon in Prospect, then headed to the Mother of the Bride's house to get makeup and lunch, then to the Church. The final destination for the evening was 15 miles away in downtown Louisville.

  • Start at the Salon

    Getting their hair did in style at Profiles in Prospect.

  • Then to the Shaver's

    The North Oldham home of Karen and John Shaver hosted the ladies for lunch and makeup application.

  • 'Going to the Chapel'

    During the reception the DJ kept replacing words to songs with "Going to the Chapel". This chapel was very nice had a "Shaker-esque" feel to it.

  • And the party begins.

    The downtown venue was a great space with plenty of room to hit the dance floor - Gangnam Style!

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