August 9, 2011

Komis Kitties - Two new feline additions to the empty nesters

Clyde: He rules the roost with an iron fist. If by "iron fist" you mean a puff of cotton candy.
Bonnie: She prances around waiting for the next dangly thing to pounce on.


Danielle's parents were fostering a couple of kittens.

For a few hours. After that there was a short meeting about what to name them then, voila! The upper quadrant of the Crestwood home belongs to two little fur balls. They are sweet, curious and full of energy. Just what doctor ordered for a couple who are getting antsy waiting for their first grandchild, uh hem!

Let's face it though Danielle already has her hands full raising one adult child I can imagine her boiling point if we were to add a little baby child to the mix.

While we visit I will ignore my allergic tendancies to their scratching and biting because who doesn't love kids I mean Kittens!

They are not posing too well for Hipstamatic photos so I have to be quick.

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