August 30, 2009

Tip a Canoe?

Jennifer, left, Danielle, Michael, Lori, John, Wes, and Rosalie stop for a team photo along the way.
Luckily in the history of my life there is no photographic evidence that I was thrown from a canoe today. Not that I couldn't have handled the teasing that would accompany such an event, but better none the less. I was given ample warning, 2 seconds, that we were quickly approaching a boulder in the middle of a rapid. The canoe planed up on the rock the vessel turned and like at the rodeo I was out. My initial reaction was somewhat like my wife's when pain or misfortune befalls someone, I chuckled. But soon thereafter Murphy's Law presided on Elkhorn Creek. Quiet you!, I thought but it was over in a split second. I had briefly but abruptly pinned my ankle betwixt the swift-moving current and a rock. Just enough time to bring me to my knees all the while keeping the boat upright. As one in our group observed, "Quasimodo" crawled to the shore dragging the boat with me since my paddling partner was oblivious to my injury. The response team really stepped it up coming to inspect if there was bloodshed or some type of fracture. Turned out OK in the end but now I have something to tell my grand kids.


Rosalie said...

How's the cankle? Kankle? Sp?

Jonathan Palmer said...

I think the word is the melding of Calf and Ankle so Cankle would be correct?