August 11, 2009

"All around the world same song..."

While working for a small paper in North Alabama I sometimes had thoughts of greener pastures.

There was an ideal of what community journalism was to me that sometimes was lost in translation with the brass in the office. I soon realized that ,it's all good, in a sense because no matter what city I live in there are the same issues, same triumphs, and same failures.

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A wastewater treatment pipe flows into Flint Creek near Hartselle, Ala., left, Charles Raisor sumps waste from a lift station in Bullitt County, Ky.
For instance the other day I received a call to photograph an assignment in Bullitt County where a waste water treatment plant was leaking raw sewage into a nearby creek. My wheels were spinning trying to remember why it felt like deja vu when I arrived to the foul stenched meadow. Then it hit me that while in Decatur we did a story just like this one.
So this post and others like it will be an homage to the duality of newspapers and the solidarity of life. And like Greg "Humpty Hump" Jacobs from the Digital Underground proclaimed back in the 90's, "All around the world same song."

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