April 5, 2009

Junky Juxtaposition

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While on assignment Sunday I went through my normal routine of attempting to make interesting photos and at the same time capturing the essence of the event. Usually when I arrive at an event a brief survey of the venue is the first thing I do. This exercise was no different at the Kentuckiana Antique Auto Swap meet in the Kentucky Fair and Exposition center.
After making photos of people being lured into booths by the potential for a part that would fit their needs I turned my camera to the details of the event. One booth in particular peaked my curiosity. There were hundreds of details arranged in no particular order on the floor. The interesting thing about these details was that most had an interesting juxtaposition. For instance on one table there were three spark plugs, a lock and key and a grenade. Then there was a box sitting in the corner that was full of bowling pins. It was a very random day.
These two photos paired together seem to me a good way to describe the day.

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