March 31, 2009

Super Model

Click photo to view slide show

Since moving back to Louisville with my wife Danielle I no longer shoot photos daily for a newspaper. This has many benefits but some drawbacks. Each year most newspaper's have a Spring Fashion issue. For the past few I have worked in conjunction with a talented designer named Andrea who works for The Decatur Daily on their annual fashion issue.
There will be no collaboration this year but my wife did get this sweet new outfit so I thought photos of her in it were in order. One of her friends ran by as she was posing it up on public streets saying how jealous she was.


LAJ said...

Nice work, Jonathan. I love how environment is just as important as your subject. Together, a dynamic effect is achieved that elevates the photos. Very cinematic.

JG said...

too cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

freaky me, freaky you

John Godbey said...

JP At the risk of offending Danielle,the photo reminds me of the Amazonian models of Helmut Newton.