May 13, 2008


Our publisher is being honored by the Boy Scouts of America with an unknown, to me, accolade. I thought it would be cool to make a photo of him like the one of his father that hangs in the conference room. Re-creating the light setup was not as much of a priority as making it look nice. Using four lights I set everything up the night before. By setting up the lighting the night before it really helped make the session go smoothly. It will serve as good practice if the day comes when a big time celeb or politico is in front of my camera and does not have much time.
Click above photo or here to see setup photo.

This is Barrett C. Shelton Sr. the previous Publisher of The Decatur Daily

The inspiration for the above portrait came from this one that hangs on the wall in the conference room. The effect I was going for was something similar to the one up already but different enough to call it my own.

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