February 23, 2008

Portraits for the week of 080217-080222

Danny Way was in his mobile home when a tornado struck on Feb. 6, 2008 and changed his life.

We did a food page story about two local businesses that were to be featured in a Taste of the Valley. I was prepared to set up strobes and be creative but when I arrived there was a beam of sunlight on a table so I capitalized on that. To view the setup click the photo above or here.

My wife writes for the Features department so it is my job to come up with all her photo ideas before she makes out an assignment, Lucky me. Last week she told me about a story about tanning for prom so we had to make a photo of some high schooler in or around a tanning bed. This was my idea and best attempt. The best part of the photo is the beach mural painted on the wall behind the subject.

Since Target opened back in fall 2007 I have wanted to make a portrait in this cutout in front of the building. Our yearly Opportunity edition help facilitate that.

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