January 20, 2008

Brief Periods of Snow in North Alabama

Senator Joe Wheeler's home in the snow. Click photo to see a panorama.

Last Wednesday there was a dusting of snow west of Decatur. It looked at times as if there would be significant accumulation but the temperature warmed and the snow had melted by midnight. At least I was able to make a few photographs in the snow. Around here that is a rarity.

A barn is bathed in the snowfall off of Highway 20 in Courtland.

Terry Goodlow of Hillsboro chops firewood after getting off work from the Cotton Gin.

I searched for more than an hour for people doing something in the snow but all I found were these guys chopping wood. The craziest thing about the snow is that less than a week before there was a tornado warning for the same area.

Keith Roberts makes a path on Lawrence County 358 after a tree fell due to storms on, Thursday, January 10, 2008.

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