September 19, 2007

The Main Attraction

Ah, to be back at college again. Recently I had the opportunity to visit my Alma Mater in the great city of Lexington, Ky. The purpose of the visit was to meet with friends and gain insight into how my progress was going as a first year photojournalist. It was great to spend time with friends and be in the city that is so special to me. It is where I met my wonderful wife and started my career as a serious photographer.

While in the basement of the journalism building feelings of nostalgia were all around me. One thing however that was lacking was the sense of fun that once flowed through the old basement walls, like the smell of Travis' coffee or Mrs. Patsy's perfume.

When I went into the Kernel office it seemed like everyone was real serious but I figured it was just a busy time of the day. But like in the old days I was there at two in the morning and the midnight oil was still burning, but there was no fun. It was all business. I guess the point is to remember that college is supposed to be fun, and you will never have a better time (if you want) in college. All that said the paper looks amazing and the work ethic really shows in the finished product. The students are poised and thorough in their editing and that really shows a great deal of maturity. But you still have to make time for whiffle ball home run derby in the Engineering complex courtyard.

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