April 30, 2007

No Thunder Over Louisville!

This May I am getting married to the most wonderful person I can imagine. After finding this person the process of getting married involves for me a few things. First is to get a ring for her and ask then to show up on time for the ceremony and smile and try not to cry. With me on this journey standing at my side as ambassadors of "quan" are my groomsmen. From left to right The Best Man and then the other groomsmen. A group of guys that can handle themselves in a knife fight and that I trust. But The Best Man is somewhat different. He is usually a best friend or a longtime buddy, someone special. Well last week my Best Man drove right through the city where I currently live in and went to our boyhood homes' and partook of the most exciting fireworks display in the country. I was a little hurt. How could he not call and let me know what was up. Unbelievable! So to make up for this transgression I thought to myself i will go to this art festival, that was serving fireworks at dusk, and make an amazing image that I can display with honor and pride to say, "Take that Thunder Over Louisville" I don't need you and all your fanfare and pageantry. Well I am here to tell you it will have to wait because the display at Panoply in Huntsville, AL, while nice, was No Thunder Over Louisville!

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