April 17, 2007

Hail Mary vs. Humanism

The Austin High women's soccer team hold the Morgan County Soccer Championship trophy after defeating cross town rivals, Decatur 1-0.

Sara Brown (right) hugs goalie Stephanie White after Austin won the Morgan County women's soccer tournament. White told Brown she had waited four years to win this tournament.

While making photographs at a soccer match on Monday evening I had the opportunity to participate in an "After Championship Scrum" with players running amok and jumping on one another and screaming. Well only part of that is true, there was no running just some hugging and squealing. The point is I had a chance to make some of the beloved Hail Mary photographs with the women holding the trophy. I guess the question and purpose of this post is to ask "Is the Hail Mary a more/less effective tool in illustrating the moment of victory compared with the traditional wait for the right moment and get in your face photograph?"

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Dave said...

Don't forget the third option....the 80-200 from the sidelines option. I guess this could be classified as "Zoomanism".